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No. 42 Middle School was named "the Advanced Unit of Shijiazhuang Education International Exchange in 2017"
Time:2018-5-16 8:01:26      Read:451      Translator:International Department

On the afternoon of May 11th, the first meeting of the Shijiazhuang Education International Exchange Association and the first meeting of the second session of the Council was held in Shijiazhuang No. 1 Middle School. The Deputy Director of the Municipal Education Bureau, Mr. Ma Jianguo and Director, Mr. Gao Jianhua, attended the meeting. More than 150 Representatives from 49 schools in the city participated.

In order to set up models, the association commended the outstanding units and individuals. Our school was named "the advanced unit of Shijiazhuang Education International Exchange Work in 2017", and President Li Yaqing was named "the Advanced Individual of Shijiazhuang Education International Exchange Work in the Year of 2017".


In recent years, our school has promoted the international process of school and promoted the international exchange of schools through "expanding the vision of the leaders, building high quality internationalized teachers, cultivating multi international talents, supporting international cultural exchange and integration, expanding the influence of the overseas Confucius classroom" .

Shijiazhuang No. 42 Middl School will take this opportunity to actively promote the pace of international communication work in school education and embrace the new educational era of "building an innovative country, participating in global governance and spreading the good voice of China" with a more full enthusiasm and more open attitude.

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